"Peer Praises: Townes Van Zandt named George Ensle as one of his most influential and admired contemporary performers"
-Frets Magazine 

"The DISCovery of the day…Refreshingly bluesy…classic singer/songwriter troubadour…living proof that the venerable singer-songwriter still thrives in Texas."
-Music Row Magazine/Nashville, TN

"George Ensle can be proud…this is his best album to-date. "BUILD A BRIDGE" is an uplifting, inspirational collection of stories set to energetic folk arrangements. Ensle's voice is comfortable and inviting, keeping you listening with ease and eagerness… "Daybreak Snow" is haunted throughout by Townes Van Zandt's spirit, and he would have loved to cover this song… I feel improved just by hearing this disc. If you are inclined to buy your first George Ensle CD, start with this one."
-Lucky Boyd co-founder/MyTexasMusic

"George Ensle... a song painter...mood-set pieces and deft strokes of masterful picking... easy... beautiful...bluesy...crafts a touching portrait."
-Jim Caligiuri
Build A Bridge C.D. Review/The Austin Chronicle

"George is a genuine Texas troubadour, playing and singing in the tradition of Townes, Jerry Jeff and Guy…George's songs are storysongs … The lyrics tell us about real people and life in general. All the Liveset songs are wonderful, George alternates perfectly between ballads and up-tempo tunes. A great CD."
-Fred Schmalle-MAZZ MUSIKAS/Antwerp, Belgium

"…what I really like in your music is that you give the feeling it comes from your sounds true…perfect spirit..."
-Mike Penard, Disc Jockey, Mike the Frenchy/FRANCE

"HEAD-ON is an impressive album…shows a lot of maturity…great compositions…great country-folk album from Texas."
-Oldie-Markt/Hamburg, W. Germany

"…a real surprise…it's good to know this songwriting tradition is continuing full-force through Ensle"
-Texas Monthly Magazine/Austin, TX

"An engaging singer…original."
-Houston Chronicle

"On top of the list of the best…jazzy acoustic folk."
-Austin American Statesman

"Timeless…perfection at every turn…somewhere between the poignancy of Townes Van Zandt and the cavalier comfort of Willie Nelson. …I'm trying hard to think of an album with as much heart. Nope, nothing comes to mind."
-My Texas

"Who's admired as an acoustic finger picking guitarist almost as much as he's respected as a folk/country singer-songwriter…Ensle's most engaging characteristics, his warmth and sincerity."
-Third Coast Music