Reviews of the CD: "The Fence"  2012

Rootsy (Sweden)

Interesting lyrics, poetic touch and personal reflections combined with a supple musical setting. There is a combination of Woody Guthrie, John Steinbeck, James Taylor and Rodney Crowell in the stories he tells...Brian is a fine singer - songwriter... he sings with a soft and strong singing voice, a voice that captivates because it has such a strong ability to convey the words, tie them together with music to a functioning whole.  He is a brilliant guitar player...the combination of fine thoughtful lyrics, strong melodies and a clever musical cast  make "The Fence" a strong album..."The Fence" takes its well-deserved place on the Euro Americana Chart...--Staffan Solding, Rootsy

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Rootstime (Belgium)

Following five years after his debut album ‘Last Man Standing’, the Houston-based veteran folksinger-songwriter Brian Kalinec returns in the spotlights with his new album ‘The Fence’... a collection of beautiful and melodic folk songs... the roots of Texan Brian Kalinec are clearly audible and if you want to compare him, then you can think of artists like James Taylor and Jim Croce, who both also made career as storytelling singers...--Freddy Celis, Rootstime

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Roots Music Report (US)

The new Americana/Roots album released from Berkalin Records featuring Brian Kalinec is making radio dj’s turn up their studio headsets.

Brian Kalinec is one of the most creative songwriters from the Texas music scene we have heard this year at Roots Music Report. All 12 tracks on his new album “The Fence” are simply wonderful to listen to.

There is something special about listening to songs by a singer of this caliber that seem to invite the listener into the private life and thoughts of the songs creator Brian Kalinec. You can actually become part of these songs if you close your eyes and let Brian lead you on a wonderful melodic trip of your own. 

Good music is something to be revered and this new album is one that is.
Yes I must say “Revered” says it all.  Robert Bartosh, Roots Music Report


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Real Roots Cafe (Netherlands)

Brian Kalinec is a born and bred Texan (Beaumont, Houston), and grabbed by music at a very young age. His thing is to write songs, for  which he has won the requisite prizes and received much recognition. After 'Last  Man Standing' in 2007, 'The Fence' its successor, is a very good CD from a real troubadour, a man who knows how to pen a good song. No lack of inspiration, his own insecurities and struggles with life are in fact sufficient "Demons falling down "( You've seen me at my worst, but you're still hanging around, I've become uncursed see those demons falling down ), "Paint "(I'm gonna paint these walls in a pearly white or maybe yellow as sun. I need a change of view so I'm gonna paint them bright, I'm tired of living with this lonely shade of blue, a little paint might get me over you), " Stranger in this line" and "Nowhere at all", but he also sees some things around him: "Uncle Joe" is an ode to the hard working outdoors, the 'stone cutter', the 'oil driller "and the 'truck driver '," Carla Moore" drawn in by her boyfriend's crime and accomplice to a robbery with deadly outcome...Brian has a nice voice, very in tune with his songs. The guidance is an important role for fiddler Jeff Duncan, percussionist Merel Bregante (late 70's was part of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), bassist Rankin Peters and multi-instrumentalist Patterson Barrett (mandolin, dobro, pedal steel). We also hear cello, trumpet, piano and synthesizer and a host of harmony vocalists. The music is folk, country, bluegrass and blues, a nice Americana mix accordingly.  Brian Kalinec's 'The Fence' is a true singer-songwriter hit. Jewels of songs, texts that matter, beautifully played by a bunch of outstanding Texans, produced by Kalinec himself. Take a listen and you're sold...--Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe

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Le Cri Du Coyote (France)

Brian Kalinec is one of those many hidden treasures that Texas allows us to discover, little by little. A renowned songwriter on the Houston scene, he waited until 2007 to publish his first album, Last Man Standing.  He benefits from what is here for me the most beautiful of presentations, a note of introduction by Tom Pacheco.  To be honored by one of the most honest and most sincere songwriters, it is not nothing!  The authenticity of Brian Kalinec is no way inferior to that of Tom, everything is simple and natural.  The songs, from the first listen, appear to have always been part of our universe. Tom Pacheco refers to James Taylor (Sweet Baby time James) and Woody Guthrie. And it's true that we find the calm assurance and sense of melody of the first and the timelessness of second.  The album is acoustic, and the violin of Jeff Duncan particularly stands out.  Note the presence on percussion of Merel Bregante, who formerly served with Loggins & Messina and the Dirt Band.  In addition to his writing talent, Brian Kalinec reveals he is also a man of taste as evidenced by rediscovery to conclude the disk with "A Song I Heard" by Maury Muehleisen, songwriter and guitarist for Jim Croce with whom he was killed in an accident airplane in 1973. --Sam Pierre, Le Cri du Coyote (The Netherlands)

The album "The Fence" the Texas singer-songwriter Brian Kalinec shone proudly in the June edition of the Euro Americana Charts. A list of twenty-five albums is composed each month by critics, broadcasters and promotional staff. (The Fence) is recently promoted by its Swedish distribution company with Peter Holmstedt Hemifran the European promotion of American interests. As there are people who spread the gospel, so is the objective of "Good Music For All People" is paramount to the likeable Swede. None other than Tom Pacheco wrote for "The Fence" liner notes as appropriate praise, not too high seized: "In this 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth, these songs resonate in our own times. I'm sure Woody would have loved them. Brian sings, writes, and plays so seamlessly That it feels these songs have always been there. "--Johan Shoenmakers, altcountryforum

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mi2n Review: Americana/Folk Singer/Songwriter Brian Kalinec's Single "Nowhere At All"


Award-winning Houston, Texas based Americana/folk singer/songwriter Brian Kalinec's single, "Nowhere At All" from his new CD The Fence is a quality song that reflects on living life, and the things that matter - the simple things. Encouraging us not to take anything for granted, the song is beautifully composed and arranged, and features a nice small string section, and lyrical solo violin. There's steel string guitar with a beautiful finger style, and tasteful use of a shaker and percussion. The mix is not in your face, and the lead vocal weaves the lyrics with solid harmonies along with 2 other singers. The female's voice compliments the lead singer nicely. The drums keep it flowing tightly with a great arrangement. "Nowhere At All" is the kind of song that you'll want to listen to repeatedly, and will definitely pique your interest in hearing the full CD. This one is both musically and lyrically strong, and is solid throughout.

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AmericanaUK--Brian Kalinec "Last Man Standing"-- July 31, 2008--reviewed by Michael Mee     

Straight from the heart acoustic magic If ever a musician was in the perfect place musically, it has got to be Houston singer-songwriter Brian Kalinec with Last Man Standing. 

Somehow it's difficult to imagine him playing anything other than the acoustic magic that runs through the album like a golden thread. However, Kalinec is no fresh-faced young poet, he began playing guitar aged 10 and that was 32 years ago.

Last Man Standing is certainly the album of a mature performer, a series of gentle but precisely observed stories. While Kalinec is undoubtedly a skilled and sympathetic guitarist, it is apparent that song writing is his first love and he is one those natural storytellers who can fire the imagination.

The acoustic blues of Last Man Standing is performed without fuss or unnecessary frivolity, Kalinec's music is as unadorned as it is beautiful. The real surprise is that it has taken him 30 years to get his songs recorded - Last Man Standing is his debut - given the quality it can only be by choice that the man who wrote the superb The Book I Can't Put Down, hasn't been in a studio on his own accord before.

One of the real appeals of Last Man Standing is its honest humility, the title song and I Don't Know are written from the heart of an intelligent man. Brian Kalinec is no disinterested bystander he is an integral part of every note and lyric.

Last Man Standing is something of a throwback, recalling a time when singer songwriters wrote from the heart and personal, often bitter, experience. You don't need to be told to realise that this is a deeply personal journey for Brian Kalinec.

We've become so programmed to expect fireworks, twists and turns with our music like extras with a pizza, that when someone comes along and plays it as straight as Brian Kalinec, it is a shock to the system but a very welcome one.

Date review added:  Thursday, July 31, 2008
Reviewer:  Michael Mee
Reviewers Rating: 8 out of 10

“Incredibly intelligent songwriting along with a mellow voice and excellent guitar playing make Brian a wonder to listen to…”-JOANNE SPROTT, host, Harmony Coffeehouse


“ ‘Last Man Standing’ is a coffee-house kind of thinker from Beaumont native Brian Kalinec…he’s Houston-based now, with this new CD reflecting thoughts on good, honest men, love and tough relationships.”-DARRAGH DOIRONPort Arthur News


“…he has a deft touch with a lyric and an above-average amount of wise leavening gained in the school of experience and living...” -WILLIAM MICHAEL SMITH, writer, Rockzilla, and Houston Press


“Brian’s songs and arrangements are real gems…every one of them.”- KEN GAINES, host, Songwriter’s Night at Anderson Fair